Curriculum and Assessment

Children come to Maidenhall Primary School to learn. We work hard to provide opportunities for children to do their best. The staff plan learning opportunities that are varied, enjoyable and matched to the needs of your child. We are very much focused on ensuring all children at Maidenahll make the very best progress possible.

In common with all community schools, we follow the 2014 National Curriculum.

Curriculum Statement English
Curriculum Statement Maths
Curriculum Statement Science and Technology
Curriculum Statement Arts
Curriculum Statement Humanities
Curriculum Statement PE
British Values Statement

At Maidenhall we teach RE (as required by the 1996 Education Act), following the Luton Agreed RE Syllabus. The overview can be found here. A hard copy of the Luton Agreed RE Syllabus can be requested from the school office.

RE Overview
The New Luton RE Agreed Syllabus

Our RE teaching reflects on emotions, moral codes, relationships, the wonders of life and religious stories, beliefs and festivals. These experiences will help children develop thoughtful and sensitive attitudes to all aspects of religious life.

Parents may withdraw their children from religious education and/or collective worship. Parents wishing to exercise their right of withdrawal are invited to discuss the matter with the Headteacher before making a formal, written request for withdrawal.


All equipment is provided by the school, therefore children do not need to bring pencil cases etc into school. They cause ‘clutter’ in the classrooms and are at risk of getting lost. We would ask that children keep their pencil cases at home where they will be useful to complete homework. We are happy to ‘lend’ equipment to families when required. Please talk to our Family Support Workers if there is anything we can do to support your learning at home.


Assessment is a continual process and is used by teachers to plan the next learning steps for your child. Teachers use observation of the children and evidence from their work to make assessments. The progress made by each child is closely monitored by the Senior Leadership Team each term.

Foundation Stage: Throughout the year, there is continuous assessment as children move through the Development Matters aspects and areas of learning. The children are assessed at the end of their Reception year against the Early Learning Goals.

Year Two: During Year 2, children have end of Key Stage 1 assessments. These are assessments made by the class teacher and validated by relevant tasks and tests (SATs). The results are reported to parents.

Year Six: At the end of Year 6, pupils will undertake end of Key Stage 2 assessments in Maths and English (SATs). Their results will be sent home at the end of the summer term.

At the end of the school year you will receive a written report for your child.

Additional Needs

We have a number of staff who support individual children or small groups so that all children can achieve all that they should. If the school has concerns about a child’s learning or behaviour it will be discussed with all stakeholders. The school has great experience in supporting children with a range of special needs and some staff have undergone specialist training.